10 kinks you probably haven’t heard of

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The realm of sexual pleasure has been explored for centuries and as humanity advances in
all spheres of life, it advances in the area of sexuality. In the past, society was a lot more
closed-minded than now but that simply meant that people were not talking about what
they were doing behind closed doors. They just kept their private life private. However,
nowadays that’s not the case. With the development of the porn industry and society
becoming gradually more open to taboo topics.

Sex has become one of the most talked about things in both media and amongst everyday people.
The word sex has become a central topic in literature too. One of the main best selling books of
2012 was “50 shades of Grey” which was essentially a story about a BDSM relationship
and that is just one of the books revolving around sexual fantasies. With more and more
authors and movie makers coming forward and creating a scene for expressing people’s
hidden desires, a ray of light has been shed on the world of kinks.
By definition, kink is a clever unusual way of doing something. In sex, kinks are usually
fantasies being played out. The most well-known kinks which are also the most talked
about are BDSM, rope play, cuffing, and power play. However, there is nothing wider than
the human imagination which means that there are plenty of kinks that you might even not
know about. Here is a list of 10 kinks that you might have not heard before.

1. Agalmatophilia – the attraction to inanimate objects
This includes statues, dolls, and mannequins. These people enjoy the touch of a
foreign body that’s not necessarily human skin. No judgment though. There is a whole
industry occupied with creating sex dolls. In fact, our website offers dolls for those of
you who identify with agalmatophilia. Check them out here.

2. Paraphilic infantilism – the fetish of wearing a diaper and pretending to be a
This is not that uncommon but no one ever talks about it. It happens very often in the
BDSM community and amongst people who like the DDLG role play. AND you get to
not clean up afterward. Just throw the diaper away and I say it’s a win-win.

3. Hematolagniacs – sexual vampires
Have you ever swooned over some hot tv vampire? The struggle is real when choosing
between Edward, Damon, and Stefan. And while we are dreaming about fictional
vampires, some people enjoy the act of vampirism. During sex, they like to drink blood
or have their blood drunk and that gets them off. It’s like a real-life Twilight. A dream
came true!

4. Mysophilia – the fetish of rotting flesh
Along with the real-life vampires – the hematolagniacs, there are also real-life
zombies who get aroused by rotting flesh. It’s like you’re living through “The Walking
Dead” all over again. Just imagine that role play…

5. Psellismophilia – arousal by stuttering
If you have ever stuttered during an important speech or meeting, you have probably
gotten embarrassed because of it. You just felt like the words are slipping and
panicked. Well, the next time you feel like that, remember that there are people who
get turned on by other people stuttering. Even in your most embarrassing moment, you
are hot to someone.

6. Climacophiliacs – Sexual arousal from seeing someone falling downstairs
Remember the thing about being hot in your most embarrassing moments? Same thing

7. Formicophilia – The fetish of being covered in insects
A lot of people fear insects and run for their life when they see them but others seem
to enjoy them differently. Field trips must be really exciting for people with

8. Coulrophilia – Sexual attraction to clowns
One of the most common fears is the fear of clowns. There are even horror movies in
which the villain is a big evil clown such as “IT”. However, it seems like clowns can be
perceived in an exciting non-scary way.

9. kleptomania – Sexual arousal by stealing
If you have heard of kleptomaniacs, you know that the love for stealing is not that
uncommon. Apparently, you can be aroused by it. There is something about the fear of
getting caught that just turns people on. That’s why people like having sex in public.
Everything is about the thrill. And as far as kleptomaniacs go, the most legal option for
them would be to steal hearts. 😉

10. Psychrophilic – Sexual arousal of watching people freeze 
Most people like the heat of the intimate act and that’s what turns them on. However,
there can not be fire without ice. Some people just prefer the cold.

Many kinks are not talked about and we don’t even know about them. Here I have listed
just ten but there might be hundreds of sexual fantasies out there. The only way to find
out is to go and explore. Just remember to keep your mind open and not judge other
people’s desires. Kinks have a pretty bad stigma surrounding them but as long as there is
a consensual act between two adults nothing is shameful. No shame in loving what you

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